Can't edit preferences

Hi, happy New Year to everybody!

I have a new problem using the latest development version of JabRef on a Windows 10 system. Since yesterday, I can’t open the preferences anymore. Nothing happens after clicking on the menu entry. Any ideas what might be the reason?

Best regards from Berlin, Bernd

Hi, Happ New Year to you as welll!

Do you get any error in the log? Help-> Error console?

Otherwise you could try to reset your preferences

Regards from Rietberg, Germany as well!


I just cleared the event log prior to clicking on the Options / Preferences. This gave a new entry in the event log:

Uncaught exception occurred in Thread[JavaFX Application Thread,5,main]

Best regards, Bernd


we need the full stacktrace of the error log to identfiy the issue.


Hi, thank you for your help, I have solved this issue with the -d option. Best regards, Bernd