Weird Jabref 4.3.1 behavior after post Jabref 5 reinstall


I reinstalled jabref 4.3.1 after the Jabref 5.1 update was giving me immense lag issues.

After the reinstalling, I am seeing some weird behavior.

First, when I open a bib file, I cannot see the text for an entry with only one field being visible.

Second, I cannot get to the Preferences screen. When I click Options -> Preferences, nothing pops up. I was hoping get to the Preferences screen to reset to default.

I have attached two screenshots to show what is happening.

I was wondering if this has to do anything with my reinstalling 4.3.1 after uninstalling Jabref 5.1 3/20 build.

My java version details are as below.

JabRef 4.3.1
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 1.8.0_241

Thanks for all the help in resolving this.


I see the same weird behavior in Jabref 4.3.1. Before installing Jabref 5, everything was fine. After installing Jabref 5, I wanted to continue to use 4.3.1, but things were screewed up as described by Raghu.

I have Jabref 4.3.1 and 5 installed in parallel. It seems that they are sharing the same settings file, because when I make change the visibility of the e.g. groups panel in one version its visibility also changes in the other version. But so far I could not find. I guess the settings were changed during the installation of version 5, which no messes up the appearance of version 4.3.1

The preferences are not backwards compatible.Preferences in version 5 can’t be loaded in 4.3.1

You can alternatively use the Portable-mode and export/load preferences from a file

But how can I reset/repair preferences for 4.3.1. I cannot open the Preferences (same as Raguh wrote)

Thanks Christoph. The reset suggested in faq worked.