Can't pull changes from shared database, versions 2.9.2 and 3.8.1


I have two different versions of JR running - one in Slackware, which is 2.9.2, and one in Debian, which is 3.8.1. These are the versions which are available in these respective distros. I have successfully managed to connect to a new SQL database [through ElephantSQL] and export in 2.9.2, but I cannot pull this database into 3.8.1. 3.8.1 says it connects to the database but when I try to pull the changes in nothing happens. What could I be doing wrong?


since JabRef 3.6 the database format has changed. So the clients are incompatible.
Btw, 2.9 is a very outdated version. You can find the newest version on our website.