Shared PostgreSQL Database Namespace Issue

Hi everyone,
we are using a shared PostgreSQL on and this worked very well till recently.
We are working on the same JabRef-Database with a few users and in the last weeks we figured out that we don’t see each others changes anymore.

Some investigation into the database showed, that there are now two namespaces in the same Database: “jabref” and “public”, and two of our users are pushing to the “public” namespace while the rest is still on the “jabref” namespace. The tables are named exactly the same, only the namespace seems changed:

SELECT * FROM “jabref”.“ENTRY” and SELECT * FROM “public”.“ENTRY”

We are not aware of any changes we did regarding that and we also couldn’t find any parameter that could be responsible for this behavior.

Anybody encountered such an issue before, or knows how we can tell JabRef which namespace to use?



This behavior was changed with JabRef 5.9:
: So I think it seems to be that some of the users have older versions of JabRef.

Quotation from the changelog:

  • We changed database structure: in MySQL/MariaDB we renamed tables by adding a JABREF_ prefix, and in PGSQL we moved tables in jabref schema. We added VersionDBStructure variable in METADATA table to indicate current version of structure, this variable is needed for automatic migration. #9312

Thanks, that’s it :slight_smile: I somehow wasn’t able to find this info.

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