Check integrity removing my url fields

Every time I run the check integrity function and fix something all url fields are
deleted after saving the bib file. Before filing this as a bug I wanted to make sure that
I am not missing some option some place that makes this happen. Thanks.
PS: Using 3.6dev daily


Could you please explain a bit more in detail what the integrity “complains” about in your url-fields?
There was a problem with detecting an odd number of # signs in the url field, which should be fixed in the 3.6dev version:

I am not talking about parsing the url field. When I do a general check integrity test and, say, fix a capitalization issue with a title field and save the bib file I see that all my url fields are removed from the bib database (completely removed). I mostly use doi’s but some bibtex entries do not have doi so I use url instead.

Did you run/checked the cleanup operation “Convert fields to Biblatex”?
That would explain the movement, e.g dois present in the url field are moved to the DOI field.

If this doesn’t explain it, then it would be nice if you could describe some more steps how I could recreate your problem and what you exactly did.


This happens after running “check integrity” and saving the bib file. The “clleanup entries” function does not have biblatex conversion on and running it preserves the url fields. Is there and other place where biblatex conversion is checked?

The url fields are ordinary url’s and not doi’s. At the bottom of my database:
@Comment{jabref-meta: databaseType:bibtex;}


  1. jabref file.bib (In file.bib some entries contain url fields)
  2. run “check integrity…”
  3. Make a small correction some place
  4. save database
  5. See if url fields are still there.

Thanks again for your detailed answer.

You were right, this is a bug, I could reproduce this in the latest dev version, too.
And it happend both in biblatex and bibtex mode.

I have created an issue for this:


The bug has been fixed and you can use a fixed version by downloading a recent dev build from


Thank you. It works great.

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