How to solve quality integrity issues?

I’m working on the reference database for my thesis that I’m doing in LaTeX.

This database I began to work on JabRef 2.10 and the first thing that happened was that in JabRef 3.8.2 I found that the field of pages was badly filled. Or that I did be to put the intervals of pages consulted by each reference, this way I had something like: 4-16, 21-38, 109-142, and so on. But apparently, the syntax of my example is not correct anymore in JabRef.

I wanted to look for help and found the best practices section in the JabRef FAQ, where it was suggested to make use of Quality>Check integrity. I went to JabRef and did that and got a string of errors to correct, however, my doubt is how I know where is the error that JabRef notifies me, that is, in what field and most importantly, how it is corrected.

Maybe what I ask is obvious to many, but for me, it translated into checking each of the references fields by field and I can’t always find the cause of the warning.

And I still don’t solve the problem of field pages syntax.

Your syntax is almost good.
For example, 4-16 should be changed into 4--16.

In fact, the syntax of the field page is not defined by JabRef: JabRef tries to comply with the BibTeX standard format. You can find a description of the various BibTeX (standard) entrytypes and fields here:
The description of the format for the field page is on page 11. As you will see, it is straightforward.

Thank you very much, I should have assumed that the problem was biblatex and not JabRef, however, the critical part of my query remains unsolved.


You should be able to double-click the entry in the Quality>Check integrity dialog, which opens the entry editor and sets the focus to the problematic field. How to fix the issue depends, of course, on the warning message you get.