Command line on a Mac OS installation

I’ve installed JabRef 5.0 beta on mac os using the dmg file (now it shows up in my Applications). I would like to use the command line to export all entries that belong to a certain group (something like: java -jar JAR_PATH -n --exportMatches groups=GROUP_NAME). I don’t know what to put in place of JAR_PATH. Do I necessarily have to use the platform independent runnable JAR to use this method?

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The jar file is gone in 5.0. Instead, the installation should contain a launcher. Not sure about Mac Os, but on Windows I can run C:\Program Files\JabRef\JabRef.exe -command line arguments.

That seems to be possible only on windows according to the doc (

the docs are not always up to date. Maybe @LinusDietz can offer some insight on how the launcher is used on mac

I’m having the same problem on MacOS. Will downgrade to JabRef 4 for now.