JabRef installation vs. JabRef Jar file

Hi all,

I’ve experienced several issues with JabRef 4.31for Mac so I decided to give it a try to JabRef 5 (btw, amazing work everyone!). Whereas ver. 5 solved some issues from 4.31, it came with others. Most prominently is that there is no entry preview, but there are other issues like the installation sometimes freezes. Since JabRef is such a great product, I refused to give it up and then I tried to run the Jar file directly. It worked perfectly. In fact, all the problems seem to be gone. I can make (and maintain) groups, it actually quits (I don’t have to kill the process), among other issues. Perhaps this can be solved relatively easily, but for the time being, I am more than happy with running the Jar file. Perhaps somebody else experienced the same problem/solution.

Thanks for the positive feedback. Usually, there shouldn’t be any difference in running JabRef from the exe, dmg or jar file directly. I guess it is a mac-only problem. Please let us know if you notice further problems that only appear if you run JabRef as usual (in contrast of using the jar file).

Thank you Tobias.

Yeah, Mac can be a bit of a problem sometimes. In any case, I’m happy I could solve this problem. JabRef is much superior to other managers. I do have one issue that it could be fixed and one suggestion. The issue is copy and paste: whatever text I paste into JabRef (all fields but BibTex source, including WebSearch), it writes it down twice. So “Tobias” appears “TobiasTobias”. As for the suggestion, it would be very useful to have a DOI search in WebSearch. But mind you not through crossref or others, but rather something like doi.org does.

Anyways, thanks for the hard work!

@ignatiusreilly The functionality for doi is avaiable via New Entry , there you can enter the doi, arxiv, isbn or some other identifiers.

Or for dois you can direclty paste them on the maintable,.