Cross-references in preview


I have the following entries in my bibliography:

author = {Smith, Bob},
title = {An article},
pages = {1-10},
crossref = {jone2021},

editor = {Jones, John},
publisher = {Great Publisher},
title = {A book},
year = {2021},
address = {Somewhere},

When using the default entry preview (“Customized preview style”), the preview includes information from the cross-referenced entry:

InCollection (smit2021)

Smith, Bob
An article

Jones, John (Ed.)
Great Publisher: Somewhere
p. 1-10

But if I try other preview styles, there is no information from the cross-referenced entry. For example, this is what I get from the APA 7th edition style (and I’ve seen the same thing in other styles):

Smith, B. An article (pp. 1–10).

Is it only possible to show the information from the cross-referenced entry in the customized preview style?


Thanks for using JabRef and thanks for your report.

You encountered a bug, I took a quick look at the code. The method for generating the other styles does not resolve the crossref fields before generating the styles.

I will transfer this to our GitHub repository issue tracker.

@wrathkeg It’s been some time (literally a year), but the feature is now implemented.
The new version will be available in half an hour,

Please remember to make a backup of your library when trying out the new version.