Custom export - Author Replace

I have a custom export I have used for many years. Within the new version (5.9), I can’t use . to replace any character. I tried * but it didn’t work either. How I could efficiently find words with e and é? Are wildcards not supported anymore?


as far as I know the replace formatter hasn’t changed in ages. I am also having trouble understanding your regex. $1 would refer to the capture group itself.
Can you give a more detailed example? What would be the expected outcome for a specific input?

I expected exactly what you wrote. I just kept the essential part of a long regex for simplicity. Basically, I create an export which formats each instance of certain authors as underlined. My final export has almost 20 names and using this wildcard I was able to avoid replicating version of close words (like with/without “-” for example).
I used this way, with a dot, for many years and now it doesn’t seem to work anymore.


okay, for us it would be easier if you could share us the whole export (you can send it also privately to so we can better see where it breaks or what could be the cause