How to modify AuthorAndsReplacer?

The author fields are like

author{Author, A. and Author, B. and Author, C.}.

Export filters that I use


Which gives as output:

Author, A., Author, B. & Author, C.

One detail: when producing APA-style output, there needs to be an extra comma before the “&”. Like this:

Author, A. , Author, B., & Authors, C.

I would guess that I need to do this via the AuthorAndsReplacer, but I have no idea how… Any hints?

Just a shot in the wild, but maybe regex works?

  • :regex("pattern", "replacement"): Applies regular expression pattern matching and replacement. For example,
    • [auth.etal:regex("\\.etal","EtAl"):regex("\\.","And")], the first regex() replaces .etal with EtAl. The second regex() replaces the . between entries with two authors with And

See here for regex syntax

You might also try to use the Authors formatter with the AuthorLastSep?

It might be easier to start with the examples, even if they don’t cover your case in particular.