Customising key patterns for citation keys


I’m looking to customise the key patterns for generating citation keys, but I can’t see if it’s possible to get the results I want.

I’m looking for the citation keys to be the first two letters of each author name, followed by a colon and the short date.

So, for example, this paper would have citation key Wi:95, and this paper would have citation key CaErPo:83.

I’m not sure if what I want to do is possible, but if it is, I’d appreciate some help as to how to do it!


have you checked the documentation? See also the hint on the pressing of enter.
Your pattern would be somehow a combination of
[ authIniN ] : The beginning of each author’s last name, using no more than N characters.
[ shortyear ] : The last 2 digits of the publication year

Unfortunately, in this case the documentation is misleading for [authIniN].
@Siedlerchr I’ll try to update the documentation this week.

I don’t think it is possible to do for an arbitrary number of authors, however, [authN_M] returns an empty string if the author does not exist, so chaining 5+ of those should cover most use cases (something like [auth2_1][auth2_2]...)

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I wasn’t sure if it was possible to use some regex-fu to get what I wanted from [authors], but I may just need to investigate that a bit further myself.

It’s really helpful to know that [authN_M] is empty when the author doesn’t exist though - thanks.