Ask for good suggestions for the pattern of bibtex key

Dear everyone,
I am using JabRef for a while, however, I found that the default bibtex key [auth][year] easily leads to key conflicts as they have the same author name and year published. Although JabRef will add a, b, … after the key, it is still not very straightfoward to know which article this key refers to.
The pattern now I am using is [auth][year]_[journal:abbr].[volume].[firstpage], this pattern avoids the problem before. But usually it has a relatively long name which seems a little inconvenient.
So, do you have any good suggestions for bibtex key pattern? Please advise me.
Thanks in advance!

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I use [authshort][shortyear], its working without adding a,b,c for a 1500 library for biomedical purposes.

Thanks for your suggestions! It is kind of short bibkey which is easy to type.:grinning:

This is not my invention. When using pybliographer some time ago, that was the default behaviour. I found it usefull and adapted jabref accordingly.

I do not pybliographer before. YOU are the person tell me this kind of pattern. Thanks very much!:slight_smile:

In our institute, we are using first author, year and part of the title. We are working to support that in JabRef. Using the latest development version available at, it should be [auth][year]_[camel].

(See also

Thank you very much!
Very glad to hear that. It sounds great. I can wait for the stable version and then I will have a try.