Dataset customize entry

I want to customize a entry type like a data set on apa 7th style.´Like here: Datasets, Software & Tests - APA 7th Referencing - Library Guides at Victoria University

  1. The version field doesn’t appear,
  2. I can’t format author field like this Instituto Nacional de Estatística, [INE]

    Many Thanks in advance

Check out the documentation for customizing entry types: Customize entry types - JabRef

  1. If you want to have version show in your citation, you need to choose a citationstyle that does exactly that. Alternatively, you could customize your citaitonstyle, for example by customizing the entry preview.

  2. [ and ] are special symbols in Java, if I remember right. They probably would need to be escaped? Like this: \[INE\]

This is a citeproc issue, the field Dataset is not mapped to the CSL style generator, see also this issue:

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