Allow customization of recommended entry types

In the select entry type window there are some recommended entry types.

It would be good if you could customize this list in the preferences panel.


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Background: How current ‚Äúrecommended‚ÄĚ came into existence: User interface: Simplify Select Entry type form ¬∑ Issue #6730 ¬∑ JabRef/jabref ¬∑ GitHub

Very interesting. However, as @ilippert pointed out, for those who work/study in specific fields, it would be very useful to be able to customize the ‚Äúrecommended entries‚ÄĚ list.


@Siedlerchr , is this technically feasible or is this one of those 1000 hour issues?

Should be doable Medium effort. Basically you would need to store a list of entry types to show in the preferences and load this.

I see three parts:

  1. Creating a Preference view for customizing the UI or maybe even directly as part of the dialog? e.g. Right click Add/Remove
  2. Store and load the configuration (list of entry types) per bibtex/biblatex
  3. Display the entry types in the UI dialog
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