Dino Girl's contributions


I’m Dino Girl and as a hobby I read books and papers about dinosaurs.
I collect them using JabRef.

I contributed some small things for JabRef:

  • I translated a big part of JabRef into Dutch language. I hope to complete it until 100% but as a beginner I can’t translate everything yet

  • I’m making themes for JabRef, Dark and Light versions

  • finally I reported some bugs on github

Dino Girl


Thank you so much for your contributions! They motivate us to keep JabRef open source and to invest in attracting new contributors. - We especially focus on students (see JabRef and Software Engineering Training | Developer Documentation for details), but also welcome PhD students and other interested persons!

Even though our issues pile up, new issues help us to prioritize and to craft issues for “external” contributors (such as the aforementioned students).

All in all, thank you - and looking forward to 2024!