Dino Girl's JabRef themes


I’m creating themes for JabRef! The themes are tested in JabRef 5.9 and higher.


If it’s day/night, hot or cold, or it’s summer/winter/spring/autumn or maybe depending on your mood, you can use Dino Girl’s JabRef themes to change the theme of JabRef with a variety of dark and light themes.

Download by clicking on the link and then on the button “Download raw file”


DARK THEME-fuchsiapurple-greytext.css

DARK THEME-fuchsiapurple-whitetext.css

DARK THEME-jabrefdark-greytext.css

DARK THEME-jabrefdark-whitetext.css

DARK THEME-lightblue-greytext.css

DARK THEME-lightblue-whitetext.css

DARK THEME-lightseagreen-greytext.css

DARK THEME-lightseagreen-whitetext.css

DARK THEME-prehistoricamber-greytext.css

DARK THEME-prehistoricamber-whitetext.css

DARK THEME-winered-greytext.css

DARK THEME-winered-whitetext.css

dracula.css by Zeno Rocha https://draculatheme.com/jabref

Website of Zeno Rocha




  1. Download by clicking on the link and then on the button “Download raw file”

  1. In JabRef go to “Options” → “Preferences” → “Appearance” and choose the downloaded theme file in “Custom theme”

If you want to contribute a theme, please reply here with a link to your theme file!
You can edit all themes available here too, according to your own personal preferences.

How to create JabRef themes

Dino girl


@thedino-girl Wow they really look great! Thanks so much! Can we promote them on our social media channels?

I just remembered that someone als made another dark theme:

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I’m still a beginner and I am still figuring out what all the CSS variables do.
But soon I will make the light themes with same color scheme and maybe even more cool themes.

It would be awesome if contributers give more themes so we can make a great theme pack! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that sounds great! :slight_smile:

If you want to really dig deeper into the CSS. Basically, you can experiment with adjusting fonts and as wel or sizes. But that can be tricky.
The Base.css - light theme is the Basis, it contains all definitions. The Dark.css kind of inherits the Base.css and overwrites the colors etc.

The CSS reference of all the selectors etc:

It would be awesome if contributers give more themes so we can make a great theme pack! :slight_smile:

we had the idea of creating a collection here GitHub - JabRef/themes.jabref.org: Custom themes for JabRef which would be then directly available under themes.jabref.org (not yet functional)

PS; Thanks again for your effort in the Dutch translations ( I was worried about you because your GitHub account was suddenly marked as deleted)

Would it be possible to add documentation about the CSS variables and also theme examples on that website?
If you’re not a programmer like me, it’s not easy to find out how it works (for more advanced things)

When is this website planned? I’m very interested!

PS: I also like the fact that JabRef immediately shows the theme color changes when you edit and save a theme file that is currently chosen in JabRef without having to choose it again in the settings!. This is GREAT for making themes!

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At first glance, your themes look really great! Awesome :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I don’t know about CSS variables and stuff (am more of a user too).

@thedino-girl I have now adjusted https://themes.jabref.org/ to work and created folders for https://github.com/JabRef/themes.jabref.org/tree/main/themes
Dark Theme and Light Theme,

I can understand your frustration! It’s not easy to understand this CSS stuff. Even as a more involved person I am struggling with it. But you already achieved fantastic results :sunglasses: :star_struck: with your themes and other users will surely acknowledge this as well, to have some nice themes to choose from!

The Base.css already contains some comments/explanations. Please let us know how we can help you and others to understand this and to improve our documentation!

The themes are now available here https://github.com/JabRef/themes.jabref.org/tree/main/themes/DarkTheme/DinoGirls%20Dark%20Themes

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All Dark themes are available in white and grey text.

The First Light themes are added!
Light themes are available in black and grey text.

lime green

iced strawberry

ice age

japanese sakura


peach orange

Download the themes here!


More themes added!

download themes

black and white

chocolate brown

twilight lavender

dark salmon

I was wondering if, by voting of users maybe, some themes can be distributed with the next version of jabref? (they should work cross platform)

Maybe a “themes” folder inside the user’s folder that is used for backups can be made and if the user chooses the “custom” button for choosing a theme, jabref goes to this themes folder where the included theme files are?
I don’t know if this is possible.

There could also be added a link “Get more themes” in the user interface, see below

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I like the idea of find more themes

I made a feature request on github, if interested.