Display Timestamp in maintable in Jabref version 5.5

I used to see the Timestamp of references in the main table.
It is no longer visible after upgrading to versions 5.5.
How can I have it back ?

Dear Pascal,

The list of columns to be displayed in the entry table can be configured in Options → Preferences, tab Entry Table. The table below “Columns” lists the current columns. Under the table, you can select a specific field (Timestamp in your case) and then click on the + icon to add it.

(I am surprised your Timestamp column disappeared: my upgrade did not change it)

Thanks for the help.
I guess it had to do with the “fit table horizontally on screen” check box in Options → Preferences,
which has to be checked (on) for this modification to the table can be seen on the display. Otherwise I could not a way of adjusting the display to show newly introduced columns, which will be outside of the screen.