How to display additional columns in main panel

Good morning,
I have just installed JabRef 5.2, and when creating a new reference database, in the main panel I only see the columns corresponding to the Author and Title of each reference. How can I activate additional columns for the list of references, such as the year? Sorry but I was not able to find the option,
thank you very much in advance for the help,
kind regards

Hello @alfredoq,
I am surprise that you get two columns only.
You can change the columns to be displayed (and add more columns) in Menu Options -> Preferences, tab Entry table.
There, select the column to add, and click on the plus sign. You can also alter the column order with the arrow located on the right side of the table.

Thank you very much for the response. I found that after installing, all the default columns were collapsed to the right of the menu bar. That was why I was not able to see them. I deleted some of them and resized the ones I needed and got the desired result.
Thank you for pointing out were to add/sort columns,
best regards