Easy way to share configuration file between multiple systems

On my Windows machine I set up preferences the way I like them to be, i.e. what format should be used to generate cite-keys and the folder structure to use when a drag-and-drop files, etc. And now I’d like to have an easy way to sync those preferences between machines. Linux at the office and another Linux at home. I could probably export the settings once as XML and then import them on the other machines, but every time I’d change something on the settings I’d have to do this process again. Is there an easier way? Or better, what it the recommended or intended way to do that? Ideally there would be a way to tell JabRef not to use the Registry or any of that Java Preferences API stuff and instead use simple and readable configuration files.

Here are some things I found:

I wonder if the portable version of JabRef could help with this.