How to share a library file without using a PostgreSQL database?

Hello, I am using Jabref 5.6 and I would like to know how it is possible to share the configuration of Jabref when another person uses my file. Let me explain: I created new types and new permanent tabs (next to “required fields”, “general”…etc.). The problem is that when another person uploads my file, they don’t have these new tabs.
Hence my question: is it possible to export the configuration of a Jabref on one computer to another Jabref on another computer?



Welcome to the JabRef community!
At the bottom left-hand side of the preferences panel (Options → Preferences), there are buttons to export and import preferences. That should do (= I have not tried it myself).

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Thank you very much, it works for me !
I just spent 3 days trying to solve this problem and I had not paid attention to these two small arrows…

Have a good day !

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