Force JabRef to write absolute file paths to bib-file

Hey folks,
I am using JabRef for many years now and want to thank everyone involved for creating a wonderful application! :slight_smile:

However, I have a very urgent problem now (I have done hours of research in the documentation and the forum before, there are obviously a couple of people with the same problem but I couldn’t find any solution yet…).
As far as I see, JabRef has recently changed its behaviour to writing relative paths to .bib-file when linking pdfs - and there doesn’t seem to be any option anymore to change that behaviour!? This, however, makes JabRef kind of unusable for me now. That is because I am using JabRef in the first place for managing my references - but I am working with these references in other applications (means that e.g. I need to open the linked file attachment from within another application). This worked fine as long as JabRef either wrote the correct file path to the .bib-file or I could force the other application to search for pdfs in a formerly defined default directory. In my current case, both options aren’t available.

Or do I miss anything? How can I force JabRef to write the absolute file path in my *.bib?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!