Force Line break or new line within a citation using layout style for LibreOffice plugin

jabRef 4.0.0-beta on Debian (testing)

I have created a layout style to satisfy a specific journal’s reference layout requirements following the OpenOffice Integration guidance and viewing the internal default styles.
The last action I need to take is to insert the doi field on a new line and cannot do this.
I have tried the usual codes (and other suggestions found on the internet) - br, br br, /p /n, //n, %n brackets omitted -
before the doi code with no success. The code is simply inserted in to the reference.

  • I cannot use them in this dialog box as they do not show but create new lines in this text.
    I can create a new line using ‘enter’ on the keyboard but this ends the layout code for the particular reference and the doi entry is not shown
    The code I have used for the doi field is - \begin{doi}\doi\end{doi}

I would be very grateful if anyone could advise if it is at all possible to create a line break/new line within a single reference created using the style layout file

Very many thanks in advance for any advice provided