General fields settings


When I import my JabRef preferences to a new instance of JabRef, the settings I have configured for the general fields are not imported. Is it intended or is it a bug ?



the vaues are stored in the preferences, so they should also be imported in the other JabRef instance. Can you tell me about the JabRef version and or OS version you use?


I am using Windows 10 2004 on both machines and the latest released version of JabRef. Here are the informations from About JabRef dialog :

JabRef 5.1–2020-08-30–e023aa0
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 14.0.2

My customized general fields appear in the XML file containing the exported preferences but are not imported together with the other preferences.

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Thanks okay, might be a bug. Can you b please open an issue at our issue tracker

A workaround: under Linux, the preferences are stored in HOMEDIRECTORY/.java/.userPrefs/org/jabref/prefs.xml. Moving around the file prefs.xml (instead of importing it) works. Maybe something similar can be done under windows?

On Windows, the preferences are stored in the registry.

Exporting and importing the general fields preferences via the registry seems to work as a workaround.