Share JabRef Preferences (custom entry types etc.) between several users

I slightly changed some standers BibTeX entry types by adding or removing some fields. The entry types then turn into custom enty types. The database only contains the appropriate custom entry types and fields. On my notebook, everything is fine. I now want other users - that share the database with me - to see exactly the same thing when opening JabRef on their computers. I therefore exported the settings and imported them again on the other computers. Unfortunately, the settings related to the custom entry types are not applied.

-> How can I get the settings into the other JabRef installations?
-> Where exactly does JabRef store the settings that I can see by pressing the “Show preferences”-button in JabRef preferences?

Thanks a lot in advance for every help!

Mh, I figured out that JabRef does in deed not consider entry types when importing settings.

Is that a bug?
Is there any workaround for that problem? For example by overwriting a setting-file if there is any anywhere?

Can anyone help me with that issue? That would be great!

Normally, import + export of the settings should work. We renamed a few settings key in some of the recent JabRef versions which might be the reason why the preference sync does not work. Did you tried import + export with the same JabRef version? If it does not work, please open a new bug at Github and attach the exported settings file.

Regarding your other question: JabRef stores the settings by default in the registry. The exact path depends on the system, but it should be similar to


But please don’t change the settings there directly!

Hey Tobias,
thanks for the reply! One more question before I open the bug at Github:
I still see all the old custom entry types after resetting the preferences by means of “JabRef preferences -> Reset preferences” and after restarting JabRef. I guess that this is already a bug, right?

ok it’s now marked as bug.