Global string constants

Would it be possible to allow for a global set of string constants, shared across libraries, as well as having a specific set for each library?

In addition to avoiding duplication in each individual .bib file, this would allow the string constants, if stored in a single, separate file, to be accessed by LaTeX documents compiled using the .bib libraries.

If I understand it right, Jean-Yves is having a setup that involves strings in separate library files, which are called via the \bibliography command in a .tex file.

Maybe also the \input or \include commands can help you here? how to use \input{file.tex} correctly? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

Thank you for your reply. That was something that came to mind for me as well, since I do often use the \input{} command. While \input{} would work from the perspective of the LaTeX document being compiled, \input{} in a .bib file does not seem to be recognized by JabRef, so the strings are not expanded in the browser into the full form, as they would be if they were in a library’s set of string constants. Thus, it would seem necessary to give each library its own copy of the list included with \input{}.