Bug about JabRef BibTeX String resolving for OSX?

Hi all,

I’ve updated the newest JabRef version for OSX. I found that there seems to be a new bug that when I add a bib string, called @string{string_name= “IEEE”} for the “address” field for my bibitem, and save it, I always get {#string_name#} like this. Does anyone know why, and how I resolve it? In the case of {#string_name#}, there always is a LaTeX compile error. I didn’t get this bug in the previous version.



the logic for BibTeX string resolving has been inverted. jabref/CHANGELOG.md at main · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

By default JabRef resolves BIbTeX strings only for the fields defined in the preferences. However, you can add the field address to the list of existing fields in the preferences. e,g, address;
Fields are separated by a semicolon

Thanks for the tip! Problem solved!

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