Group action to resolve duplicates when importing intro current library

Current behaviour.
When importing contents of a Bibtex file into a current database (File -> Import -> Import into current library), JabRef offers to select which records to import in the “Import” window. Some records might be duplicates of existing ones, in which case an icon appears, and the user can resolve each duplicate by in the Possible duplicate entries window by choosing between “Keep left”/“Keep right”/“Keep both”/“Keep merged entry only”. This has to be done for each duplicate record.

Requested feature/desired behaviour.
It should be possible to assign the duplicate resolution action (“Keep left”/“Keep right”/“Keep both”/“Keep merged entry only”) to an arbitrary group of records listed in the “Import” window at once. The suggested way is by (1) selecting multiple records from the list, (2) right-clicking on any of the selected record, (3) choosing the preferred action from the context menu. Ideally, the assigned action should be somehow indicated for each entry in the list.

[The interface I suggest can cause a confusion, as it clashed with how things are at the moment. Presently, selection in the list is used for choosing which records to import and is meaningful per se. Perhaps, reworking user interface would be appropriate. I personally find the most intuitive a table layout, where one column consists of checkboxes: ticked entries will be imported. I previously suggested similar design elsewhere. It is inspired by Total Commander and Recuva (see screenshot)]

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JabRef 5.1–2020-06-03–2f0aed9
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 14.0.1