Groups not saving to shared database

I use a shared PostGres database.
When I make a group and exit JabRef the group will be gone when I start JabRef again and connect to the shared database.
Als saving the database to a local drive doesn;t seem to include the groups.
How can I use groups with a shared online database?


can you share some more details? Which version of JabRef are you using and which postgres`?


I’m using JabRef 5.9 and Postgres 13.10 (from
Thanks for your time.

Regards, Tal

Hm,. I checked both 5.9 and 5.10 latest dev version with elephantsql 11.18. And also tested local version 14. Both versions are fine

Please note that with 5.9 the table’s schemas have changed, all tables are now in schema jabref.

You can otherwise try to execute the query: SELECT * FROM “jabref”.“METADATA” LIMIT 100 it should show you the group information as well as other metadata.

I have no idea how to do that.

I don’t know anything about this hoster, but you can try to connect using and then execute the SQL statement for the database