Groups: read status and ranking


I saw this screenshot on github

How to enable the status and rating groups?
Or were they in the screenshot made by user created groups?

Those are groups created by the user. Right now, there are no default groups apart from “all entries”.
I suppose “status” was made like this:


The search expression for “rating” could be anything, I guess.

A mixture of both: To display them in the entry table you have to add them:
Check “Enable special fields” and then you can add them:

On the screenshot there are 3 read status! So is this changed to 2 read status in current version?

I don’t understand how to make the rating group. There should be 6 subgroups for group “by rating”: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and also no rating (total 6 subgroups).
Can somebody tell me how to generate those groups by giving me the screenshot of the group properties?

The field is called “ranking” (this is a historic error^^)

You have a no name group fo no rank and 1-5

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Sorry, but how can you select then all entries having NO rank if the group has no name… :upside_down_face: ?
Is this a bug?

This question refers to Show entries without group
You will have to create a separate manual group.
The following regex / search expression should work:

ranking != .+

Thanks for your workaround.
Sounds like a candidate for a feature request.