New jabref, no rating

Hi there. I am using jabref for a while and first I want to thank everybody for creating this stuff.
But today I installed v 5 and several things gone wrong.
Firstly and mainly the “rating”. It is not by default in columns and I can’t find way hot to switch it on. It is crucial for my and my work.
I try to run old jabref, but it is not working anymore, it starts up, and everything is white. All entries are correct written (if i click to something) but gui looks white.
Thanks for help


the column display can be configured in the preferences
Options -> Preferences -> Entry table columns
Simply select or type the name in the combobox and add the column


Hi and thanks for answer.
I type rating press “+” and it create this. Everything seems to be fine, but rating is not shown in library.

Please tick “Show Extra columns”

And I think you have added the wrong column, it should be “ranking” instead of rating.

Thanks by show extra columns there is nothing more, but by typing Ranging it find what I want.
Thanks for help!

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