High memory usage

I recently updated Jabref to the latest version using snap on my Ubuntu 16 LTS system. I have noticed Jabref consume very high memory, even more than google chrome. Even the Jabref GUI reacts slowly to cursor movement. Do you have any suggestions on the same? or is there a way I can downgrade my latest update which is lightweight for a better experience.

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JabRef 5.0–2020-03-09–6bff936
Linux 4.15.0-106-generic amd64
Java 13.0.2

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in the current development version 5.1. there have been a lot of performance improvements.
You can install the development version using the edge channel:

sudo snap install jabref --edge

You should make a backup of your library before trying out the new version.

I have a similar situation on JabRef 5.1–2020-06-09–595f085: high memory consumption and slow GUI.
Initially I reported it here: Memory consumption
If you come up with any solution, even including downgrading, please let us know. I am really struggling with bibliography management, and I would stick to jabref for a while, because I have not found any other free decent software for linux.

There exist old version of Jabref in Ubuntu software center. You can install old version of jabref I think originally released back in 2014. I am using that software now. It’s light weight, fast and consume very less memory. But there is a problem if you are generating updated html file with old software and if you try to maintain local GitHub repo up-to date changes in updated html file won’t be notified if you try to push it to Github repo. But with new Jabref software the issues were solved.


Thanks for the reply. I am using old Jabref now and I am satisfied with it.