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We are currently trying to implement an extra feature for JabRef as University Project at Universität Basel, we oriented ourselves at this issue Better support for managing annotated PDFs · Issue #94 · koppor/jabref · GitHub.

Currently i’m having a hard time understanding how the object is notified of a files field change when adding a new LinkedFile over for example the “addNewFile()” Operation in the class.
A new object is created but i currently don’t see the logic which updates the corresponding object which can also call a “getFiles()” Operation.
I already read into Property Bindings as this seems to be heavily used, could someone throw me a hint per chance.


thanks for working on this!
In general this works that way: the BibEntry is the model class and the Fields are bound bidirectional (Bindings are just nice wrapper for the concept of Observables) with the EntryEditor.
This happens here:

So whenever we change something either in the model itself or in the gui, the entries are updated.

For the concept of Bindings and Properties, I suggest this good explanation:

PS: Dev questions are better handled in the or on github directly :slight_smile:

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