How does rename pdf work?

Hei there,
First of all thank you for the awesome programme which I really like.

I have problems getting the renaming of pdfs to work (it worked in older versions, but now I found out that I have problems in jabref 4.X:
When I attach a pdf-file via right-click “attach file” from my computer, f.e.:
file = {:ecologypapers/journal.pone.0202114.PDF:PDF},
and use the “clean-up entries” function with marking “Rename PDFs to given filename format pattern” it just changes the line to:
pdf = {:ecologypapers/journal.pone.0015143.PDF:PDF},
and doesn’t change the pdf-name itself (as you can see and I verified in the directory).

I don’t understand what the relative path options mean, but I tried several combination of options on those in the “clean-up entries” dialogue and it never changed the outcome. Am I misunderstanding the function?

I use the standard [bibtexkey] - [title] format for renaming.
Thanks in advance

I played around with the following settings:
Upgrade external PDF/PS links to use the “file” field.
Convert to BibTeX // biblatex format
I don’t really understand what is happening, but something is adding :PDF in the end of the file path inside JabRef, which makes it unable to open: “The external link is of the type “PDF/:PDF:PDF”, which is undefined. What do you want to do?” I tried to redefine, which didn’t work. I deleted the file attachment and create a new one - immediately the same issue without being able to open the file.
I think there is something off with the renaming and the two ways of adding fields (file= and pdf=).

After some play, I now have it working:
Uncheck: Upgrade external PDF/PS links to use the “file” field.
Check: Convert to biblatex format
Now my source has file= and it finally starts renaming my pdfs. Unfortunately all the old file links are polluted with the PDF:PDF ending, so I have to re-add all files again.


the feature was reworked a bit and there were some bug fixes regarding that. I suggest you try the latest master version from here:

It is advisable to create a backup of your library.