Prevent Jabref from auto renaming and moving files

Hello, the previous version of jabref I used was 2.9.2. In that version, I could easily name my files, place them in a pdf folder, drag and drop it onto an entry in Jabref and it will happily link the file without being ‘too smart’.

In 5.2 however, jabref renames the file, moves it to .bib folder (which I absolutely do not want it to). How can I disable this functionality? All I want is for it to link a relative path and not do anything else.

we switched to the modifier keys for drag and drop, see the help

Should be the path relative from the bib file or relative from a certain directory? If the latter is the case, one could change the main directory path in the JabRef Preferences: External Files.

If the path should be relative to the bib file, please set “.” as the “General file directory” at the “Library properties”

Then, please use the “Alt” key when dragging and dropping (at least on Windows)