How to change the size of the fonts in Jabref

The entry apperances in Options->Preferences is gone. Is there an alternative way to change fonts and sizes?

Regards Bernhard

JabRef 5.0-dev–snapshot–2018-08-24–master–f43b9c7e8
Windows 7 6.1 amd64
Java 1.8.0_181

I did not see the scrollbar, since this shows only with the mouse over it.
The size of letters I have been able to change, but not the font used.

What do you mean by that? Usually the font size is understood to be the “size of the letters”.

@tobiasdiez I think he means the font type/face, e.g. Arial or Helvetica. We removed that completely.

Is there a way to bring the font size back to the preferences?

@j0hannes The font size option is still there/or back. It’s in the prefs under Appearance.

It should be also possible to bring back a Font selector once the rest of the old swing stuff is gone.

@Siedlerchr I see. I didn’t know the sections Advanced and Appearance, until I found out that this list can be scrolled with the mousewheel.