Add Group: width of the dialog to smal

In mysetting (JabRef 3.6 from Debian unstable) on XFCE with a 1024x600 (yes really! :joy:) the dialog “Add Group” has a fixed widths and can not be resized.

But the text in that dialog is to much and ctted with “…” on the right.
See the screenshot and look at “Hirarchical context”.

Is that a genral bug or depend this on my system?

Hi @buhtz!
It is a general behavior that this dialog is not resizable. The size of this dialog is 650x576px on my system and all texts are fully visible.
Have you changed the default font settings of JabRef? And what “look and feel” do you use? You can check these aspects in Preferences -> Appearance


Hi Matthias there is everything in “default” but maybe this depends on the underlying system. Is there a debug-mode for JabRef? How could I start it to get more infos from it. Maybe the used font is in the debug output.

So what do you think? Is that a “bug” I should report?

Sorry, I overlooked your previous message. I don’t think that is possible to check the used font settings directly without modifying the source Code. So yes, please file a bug report at GitHub.


BugReport #2419