How transfer field1 to field2


I am an Ex-Sente user, I’m new. What a fantastic app ! So powerful !

My question: is it possible to transfer (for all my entries) the content from “tags” fields (Source Bibtex) to “Groups” fields ?

For example :
to Transfer this :

tags = {Autism Spectrum Disorder;Synthetic/Review article},

to : Groups (in “general” column).

(PS: I don’t want to use the option 4 in adda group, because in a second time I want to re-create subgroups and it seems impossible to structure complex subgroups with this option)

Same question for the “sentelink” field (from Source Bibtex) :

sentelink = {file:///Users/Bastolhhj/Desktop/autism_02.sente6lib/Contents/Attachments/2016%20Burack%20How%20I%20attend%C2%97not%20how%20well%20do%20I%20attend%20Rethinking%20developmental%20frameworks%20of%20attention%20and%20cognition%20in%20aut.pdf,Sente,},

→ to “File” field.

It would be fantastic and when it’s done, I’ll definitively put “Sente” app in a trash.

(Sorry for my bad english)


Under Edit → Manage field names and content,
you can move fields or rename fields and also Edit > Find and Replace lets you replace content, e.g. to adjust the keyword separator for the groups field.

Thank you ! It works !
Now, “groups” fields have items. For example : “Stereotyped behaviors,Children,Child, Preschool”.
But no group (automatically) created in the Group Interface. Is it possible to auto-create groups ? (without using the “keyword” option)

Or is it possible to import a group structure ? For example :

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