TAGS help with creating, is it possibke

Is there a way to add TAGS (many) to each entry/doc I have in JABREF so after reading many essays I can search by using my personal TAGS ?

Yes, you can use the keyword field for this. The docs provide some tips on how to use them
Keywords - JabRef

You can also then create a group based on these keywords,

how do I separate properly between the keywords?

i think via comma. Something like this in your .bib file:

  author       = {Walther Wombat and Klaus Koala},
  date         = {2016},
  journaltitle = {Journal of modern skepticism},
  title        = {The true meaning of 42},
  keywords     = {keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4, keyword5},


You also can use a RegEx to find specific data within fields and create a group from that:


In the Preferences > Groups → Keyword separator, you can also configure the keyword separator used for those groups

thank you all
you are so helpfull

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