Import a large quantity of books by their ISBN number

I recently discovered Jabref and I would like to import a large quantity of books by their ISBN number because I saw that by just entering this number the software was able to retrieve the book info.
I have found how to enter the books one by one but it is getting tedious to enter a large quantity.

Note: To enter the ISBN number I use a barcode scanner to scan it directly on the book which works when I scan a book in “add by ID”.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you in advance for your answer and your help!

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In JabRef it’s not directly possible to do this for many entries, but you could use and then paste the bibtex code on the table (JabRef then automatically adds entries)

Thank you for your reply!
I have tested the solution you suggested. However, it doesn’t work for me:
Firstly my scanner enters a line break and opens the downloads page after scanning the code. The site wants a comma after each entry.
Then, once the line breaks are removed and the comma inserted I can validate but I am obliged to copy each bibtex code one by one which is longer than the solution I can have on jabref: reopen the window to insert a new ID,
Finally I noticed that the information given by the site is less provided than that given by jabref,

Looking for the perfect solution!
Thanks again for your answer!

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I like the idea of simply allowing to add multiple identifiers (ISBNs, dois, etc) in jabref - and then being guided through the entries somehow entry by entry.
Though any such solution would probably not be able to accommodate arbitrary input formats.

I used the proposed solution at Import a large quantity of books by their ISBN number - #2 by Siedlerchr and my scanner’s output also did not work. So I simply postprocessed my scanner’s output to fit the ottobib requirements.

Thanks for your answer !
I supposed in this part you used the software of your scanner (or an other way ?),
However how did you do for the copy/past of each document ? by hand ?

as a scanner I use a smartphone with a isbn scanner app, and that gets me a list of isbns. the list’s format is not entirely useable, so I copied it into a spreadsheet (libreoffice) and removed some lines, and then was able to precisely select, copy and paste into ottobib as needed.

A bulk import would indeed be very useful. I tried with OttoBib as suggested here but it is cumbersome for long lists of ISBNs and the result doesn’t show the numbers that failed so that I have to check manually which ones didn’t return a result. I tried the skipped numbers again directly in JabRef and there I could often get a result.