Importing library from Refrence Manager

Hi all,

I’m trying to get a reasonably large library (~6600 refs) into JabRef. I can export from Reference Manager fine and all the refs go into JabRef. The problems arise when I try to save and open the subsequent BIB file. I’ve determined some of the entries have integrity issues, so whilst I may be able to import all the refs, when I save, close and re-open the now BIB file I can only see up to say ref 2850 as ref 2851 had an error and nothing is saved after that. The most common problem seems to be an open ‘{‘ or similar. I’d really like to avoid manually fixing this as it would be quite a job.

It would be good if JabRef would just “skip” the bad records and even write a new file composed of them. That way I can relatively easily edit as required and know I’ve got it all sorted. I’m currently going from a text editor back to JabRef to work out where my problems are, fixing, re-importing until I get the next error, work out where that is, repeat….

I have tried “integrity checks” and “cleanup entries” with varying degrees of success. I admit, this is most likely related to a lack of understanding of the options and what to do, so advice here would be great. Any other sage advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help,