inProcedeeings no conference name in preview and also not copied

The preview field in JabRef does not show the conference names.
Right mouse click on the entry and selecting Copy → Copy citation → Text also leaves out the conference name. I was using the latter method to reference a publication in email.

A similar issue about OpenOffice integration has been mentioned here:

Expected behaviour: conference name is included both in preview and in the copied text, just like in the bibliography of an academic work.

Is there any setting or configuration which would allow the desired behaviour? Would it make sense to make this behaviour the default one?

Hi, for the Entry preview it’s also very easy.
You just have to add a line for the field in the Custom Entry Preview: Options → Preferences → Entry Preview → Customized Preview Style and then add a line for the field you need

Thanks! I’ve just realized - maybe again :slight_smile: - that one can switch between the preview styles with F9 or even with RMB (right mouse click) in the preview tab.

Once the preview is as intended I can copy it, though there will be some additional linebreaks in the copied text.

I am really surprised that I have not found any way to copy out a one-line citation in text format. There are so many supported citation formats, but not this simple one. If the copy preview option could be hacked to avoid inserting the additional new lines, it would be a great feature.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but the latest master/dev version has now a button “Copy selection” in the right click menu

Especially useful if you only want to copy the first part and not e,g. the abstract.

I do think that the IEEE style should show the same output as their bibliography style does it in LaTeX. I am not sure where the xml for IEEE is located, and understanding and editing in the small field in jabref is not what I would like to do, so I could not create one.

What is the difference between copy selection and preview? Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V worked for me before to copy out the selected text. (Ps: My version does not this option yet.)
Since copying was brought up, is there any way to use the nice feature of - I guess - all Linux desktops, where the selection is copied into the X’s clipboard? I guess the GUI engine does not support it by default.

@horror-vacui The XML for the non-custom preview styles are coming from the CitationStyle Repository.

Copy selection only copy the highlighted text. On Mac cmd + c copies the bibtex of the whole entry (due to a java bug)

Regarding the X11 clipboard, I remember that we had this partially in older versions of JabRef, but the new javafx GUI technology does not seem to support it.