Installing multiple versions of JabRef on Windows 10

I am running into some bugs on JabRef version 5.9 on Windows 10 and Edge browser. When I try to create a bug report, it says to try development version first as the bug may not longer be there in upcoming release.

Is there a way to install multiple versions of JabRef but have the Edge Jabref extension call a specific one?

In my case, JabRef 5.6 was working the best. I wish to keep it as my main version but intermittently keep trying newer ones as well and report any bugs.

Another related question - is it possible to have all of these installed versions as portable (instead of admin installs) without sacrificing the ability to use the Edge extension for importing things from ArXiv, etc?


Hello Amit, yes JabRef offers portable version for Windows. You can find them here: JabRef download latest version and the development versions here: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 ( So yes, you can have multiple versions of JabRef on the same device. Make sure to have them stored in different directories. I am not sure if it is also possible to run two or multiple versions of JabRef at the same time and how that would work out with the browser extension.

If you have followed the installation steps from here then yes, you can set it so that the browser extension is only connected to your “main” JabRef.

Many thanks, ThiloteE, will give it a go and report back if I run into any problems.

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