Portable version of JabRef

It would very very great to get a portable version of JabRef (stand alone requiring no installation). Is this in the works anywhere? How hard would it be to program it?

Assuming the target computer has a working Java environment, it would be great to run JabRef from a disc or USB flash drive.

Thank you for looking into it.

This is already possible. You can download the jar version of JabRef and then put it on an usb stick. Simply double-click it to start JabRef, no installation required. There is also a switch in the preferences which allows to store the preferences in a file next to the jar, so that you don’t have to re-configure JabRef on each PC from the start.

Since this information is somewhat hidden and not well-documented, may I ask you to add a few sentences to our help page. Thanks!

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We even included the runtime environment now. You can find …portable… files at http://builds.jabref.org/master/

Still requesting documentation help!