JabRef 5.1 Linux portable

What is the proper method to run JabRef 5.1 Linux portable?
A) I tried to run JabRef from “/JabRef/bin” and get “Unkown file type” with 5.1, this worked with JabRef 5.0
B ) I also tried to run it from “JabRef/lib/runtime/bin” and double-clicked on the JabRef file, this works.
What is the difference between starting JabRef using the path as in A or B? Or is “/JabRef/bin” possibly broken? I am running Linux Mint (Tricia).

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Same problem here for Jabref 5.5 portable. Not sure how to proceed.

Ah, i found the solution here: Command line use and options - JabRef

Locate JabRef.bat (Windows) or JabRef (Linux, Mac OS). In the portable versions, this is JabRef-5.0-portable_windows\JabRef\runtime\bin\JabRef.bat and JabRef-5.0-portable_linux\JabRef\lib\runtime\bin\JabRef.

Do not use JabRef\JabRef.exe or bin/JabRef

Edit: Ups, did not see you also found the answer. I was reading too fast! haha