JabRef 5.13 Release

We are publishing version 5.13 of JabRef! In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is on it’s way and we are releasing a new version with many new features and bug fixes with a focus on improving the usability (not only) for LaTeX users.

Release Highlights

One of the notable new features is the interoperability with BibDesk. JabRef can now import BibDesk linked files and static groups. TexWorks User can now push entries from JabRef as well.

For users who want to quickly find an entry in the library, there is now a new command command line option “jump to entry” which will select an entry in the library based on its citationkey

We also added support for the langid field and respect BibTeX-String constants when copy-pasting between libraries. Libraries from .aux files can now also be generated, even if entries are missing in the library.

Other highlights include various usability improvements and UI polishing.

For troubleshooting purposes, JabRef now also keeps previous log files on startup.

Take a look at the changelog for a full list of all changes.

Known issues

  • macOS users using an older Intel x86_64 cpu might experience crashes when starting JabRef. We have reported the bug to the Java Team already and are waiting for more information.
  • If you are using custom entry types and JabRef does not open your library correctly, use the newest development version that already contains a fix for this issue

Google Summer of Code

  • We have received a couple of convincing proposals so far and will now start reviewing and raking them. Stay tuned. For more information follow the GSOC Timeline