Jabref for IPad pro

Hi All,

I use Jabref extensively in Mac OS and Ubuntu. I have a new Ipad pro.

Is there a way I can install Jabref in this?

Please let me know.


We experimented with CloudRef, which would offer a basis for JabRef for the iPad. Currently, we have no resources to further work on that. Would you consider donating to JabRef? In case we have enough donations, we can hire someone to work on that.

See our Liberapay site for more information:

If there was an iPadOS app for Jabref, what would be the best way to keep the BibTeX file and/or PDF files synced between the desktop application and the app?

My idea (am a programmer but not software developer) is to keep the main jabref directory (with the .bib file and all pdfs) within some cloud-based storage (by the user) and then to load the same .bib within the app through the dropbox/googledrive/other api. Is there a better approach? I am really interested in working on this in my spare time but need to see if I am capable of the task.

I use Jabref across computers via Dropbox and has been quite good. However, recently, there are minor issues.

I have not been able to find one for IPAD OS.

You could use your iPAD as second screen: