iPad app with support for Apple Pencil and offline reading

This is a pretty big feature especially for an open-source project, but here it is.

It would be great to have an iPad app where one could find a synced copy of their library to read offline, and annotate with the Apple Pencil (and have those annotations by synced). This is the one thing keeping me using ReadCube still.

[The poll was here but I did not have permission to make one]


Maybe you can just open the PDF files on the iPad? You would have to keep your stored PDF directory in the cloud (e.g., iCloud Drive).

But I agree with you, this is the main feature that keeps me from using JabRef (I am using Zotero myself). So I’d be curious to know of other people get something like this to work.


Everyone is welcome to provide additional tooling or just to contribute to JabRef, It’s open source!
It’s just that we maintainers are all working on JabRef in our spare time and tend to concentrate on the core JabRef.

I don’t have an iPhone nor an iPad, but I just discovered this app. If you put your bib file in a cloud share, it should be synced and could be edited.

I would appreciate it if someone of you could test this and share some feedback on this.