JabRef GSoC 2024

Hello , Everyone .
Found about this amazing organization on this year’s GSoC. Went through the problem statements, looks pretty neat to me. Wanted some insights about JabRef on how can I submit my application for GSoC and general culture here at JabRef. :rocket:

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Hey, sorry for the late answer. Am a little short on time today too. Will answer more detailed later in the evening though.

In short: The main application will be via the GSoC website between March 18th and April 2nd.

Where we are currently:

February 22 - March 18

  • Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations

So, for now, I would suggest to choose one of the problem statements and think about how exactly you would resolve the problem statement and create a draft proposal.

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Ok, after some deliberation:

  • You are welcome to ask and discuss ideas for GSoC in our Gitter channel
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For reference, our projects list is available at GSOC 2024 ideas list · JabRef/jabref Wiki · GitHub.

General hints for a successful application are available at GSOC Application · JabRef/jabref Wiki · GitHub.

Looking forward to read all the submitted proposals :tada:.