JabRef not openingJabRef not opening

Hi. I have been having a problem where JabRef will initialize, but the GUI won’t actually open, making the program useless. I am running Windows 7 and am using the newest “stable” version of JabRef. Essentially, I download the .exe, Solitaire install it, then try to open the program. The JabRef icon shows up on the Taskbar and the initialization screen pops up (The one that says “This program is distributed under the terms of…” However, once it disappears, Speed Test nothing else happens. I have tried to install a previous build, but suffered the same issues. Also, I have been successful in using JabRef in the past. One day, it just stopped working for me, however.


please try the latest master version: https://builds.jabref.org/master/
Otherwise it may help to reset the preferences:
run JabRef from commandline:
java -jar JabRef.jar -d all
This resets all preferences to their default values.


Hi, I have problem with the entries, it does not autocomplete and the merging actions does not fill the fields in the bib database. Please could you help us?